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10 Signs You Need to Visit Your Dentist

February 24, 2022
Posted By: Five Parks Dental
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Life gets busy, and sometimes it's easy to put off essential appointments like your bi-annual dental cleaning and checkups. Especially if you don't feel like your teeth are bothering you.

However, these preventive visits are vital for protecting your dental health and overall well-being. Sometimes, your body may be telling you to get to your dentist sooner rather than later. Here are some signs you may notice that indicate you should see your Arvada dentist as quickly as possible.

#1 Toothache or Dental Pain

Pain is always a telltale sign that something is wrong, and the same is true for your teeth and mouth. Don't ignore dental pain or a toothache, thinking it will go away on its own. A toothache could indicate a dental infection, resulting in further discomfort or damage to your smile.

#2 Bleeding or Swollen Gums

If you're noticing blood in the sink when you brush or floss your teeth, it's time for a dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning. Bleeding, swollen, or irritated gums can be an early sign of gum disease. Catching gum disease in its earliest stages makes it easier to treat.

#3 Worn Teeth

Excessive tooth wear often indicates a problem with clenching and grinding (bruxism), which typically occurs at night while you sleep. Your Arvada dentist may recommend a nightguard to protect against the damage caused by bruxism.

#4 Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Temperatures

When teeth become sensitive to hot or cold foods or beverages, it may signify decay or a crack in your tooth. Determining this as early as possible allows you to treat your tooth before it becomes infected and more painful, often with more minor procedures.

#5 Persistent and Lingering Sores in Your Mouth

If you notice sores or lesions on your gums or soft tissues that don't heal within 14 days, schedule a checkup with your dentist right away. This is often a sign or symptom of oral cancer, the silent killer of one American every hour. Your prognosis and options for treating oral cancer are much higher the earlier you detect it.

Your dentist in Arvada will screen you for oral cancer at every six-month examination, so these visits are essential for protecting your health. 

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