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What Is the Dental Implant Process?

October 25, 2021
Posted By: Five Parks Dental
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If you live with missing or compromised teeth, simple daily activities like chewing and eating may become difficult.

You might also feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, causing you to avoid interactions with other people.

Dental implants in Arvada are an excellent way to restore a lost or compromised tooth with a restoration that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.

Implants can also support prosthetics like a bridge or denture so patients missing multiple teeth can enjoy their benefits.

What Is the Dental Implant Process?

The first thing to understand about dental implants is that it does take time, a period of several months, to complete the process. However, the benefits you enjoy are worth the wait for most patients. Here's how the process works.

Step #1: Treatment Planning

Meeting with your dentist to determine if dental implants are right for you is the first step in the process. Dental implants need enough bone support to be successful, and the patient should be in good general health. Your Arvada dentist will determine if you need any dental work before your implant surgery. If you lack healthy bone structure, a bone grafting procedure could help support your dental implant.

Step #2: Implant Placement Surgery

Once you've decided dental implants are the right treatment for you and you're ready, Dr. Jenkins will surgically place your dental implant carefully into your bone using 3-D imagery to guide her.

After surgery, your implant will have the next three to six months to heal and fuse with your bone. Dental implants are made of titanium, which is biocompatible and naturally integrates with your bone over time, creating a stable foundation for your new tooth.

Step #3: Your New Tooth

Dr. Jenkins customizes your new tooth with durable and aesthetic ceramic porcelain. Your new crown attaches to your implant and acts just like a natural tooth, so you can now eat, chew, smile, and talk with ease.

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