General Dentist in Arvada

At Five Parks Dental, we are pleased to offer general dentistry for patients of all ages, from the smallest smiles in your family to the most senior. Our dental team loves catering to our patients and providing them with the care they need for excellent oral health and a comfortable, stress-free experience. 

General Dentistry for Your Unique SmileFather, daughter, and mother playing in park

You can think of your general dentist as the team leader for your oral health. Everyone is unique and has diverse oral health needs, and there’s no single approach that’s going to work for everyone. Because Dr. Jesse Jenkins treats people and not just teeth, she individualizes treatment plans to address your unique needs in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Our caring dental team can handle all your family’s basic oral health needs, and more. From toddlers ready for their first dental visit to seniors who have age-related dental needs, we offer the services you need:

  • Dental exams
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Digital x-rays
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dentures and partials
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extraction

More than an experienced general dentist, Dr. Jenkins also offers cosmetic dentistry, advanced dental implant services, and treatment for TMJ and sleep apnea.

Prevention: The Easy Route to a Healthy Smile

In life and in dentistry, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you stay current with your preventive checkups and cleanings every six months, you can do a lot to minimize your need for all of our other services. 

These routine appointments allow Dr. Jenkins to catch up with you and see how you are doing, and if you have any questions or concerns. During your examinations, she checks each of your teeth, the condition of existing dental work, evaluates your dental bite, and looks for evidence of gum disease.

If you are due for dental x-rays, we use digital imaging that delivers highly-detailed views of what’s happening inside your teeth and under your gums. Together, you and your dentist can review what the x-rays show so you can feel like part of the process and understand why we recommend treatment.

Dentist providing dental cleaning to patient Dental Cleanings & Gum Disease Treatment

The goal of professional cleanings with your hygienist every six months is to monitor your gum health and clear away all the plaque and tartar that’s collected on your teeth since your last visit. It’s important to note that, even if you are a gold-star brusher and flosser, you still need to supplement your efforts with professional teeth cleanings.

Gum disease is tremendously common and can take a significant toll on your oral health before you’re even aware it exists. And it is possible to never see any symptoms of gum disease, which makes routine check-ins with your hygienist all the more crucial.

Schedule Your Next Exam and Cleaning in Aravada

Whatever the current state of your oral health, we would love to welcome you to Five Parks Dental. If you have some issues that have crept up, we will work with you to get your oral health back up to par. 

If you live in Arvada and need a general dentist, we would love to hear from you! Please call (303) 456-4745 to schedule an appointment.