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What can I do about my sensitive teeth?

When you have sensitive teeth, even simple actions like brushing them can cause a sharp jolt of pain. There are several reasons why your teeth might be sensitive. Typically, it’s the result of worn dental enamel or exposed tooth roots but may also be related to other factors. Cavities, chipped teeth, worn fillings, and gum disease can all cause tooth sensitivity.

woman smiling in dental chairTreatments for Sensitive Teeth

The first step is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jenkins so she can perform a thorough examination and address these underlying causes. If you are still bothered by sensitive teeth, we may also consider treatments, including:

  • Desensitizing toothpaste helps to blocks the pain associated with sensitivity.
  • Fluoride applications strengthen tooth enamel and also help minimize pain.
  • Dental bonding uses a resin material applied to exposed tooth roots to minimize sensitivity.
  • Gum grafting addresses gum recession and uses tissue from another part of your mouth to protect exposed tooth roots.
  • Root canals that remove a tooth’s nerve might be recommended if you are in severe pain, and all other treatment methods have failed.

If you have sensitive teeth, brush them gently twice a day with a soft brush and avoid hard or vigorous scrubbing. Dr. Jenkins may also recommend a mouth guard if you grind your teeth, which can lead to tooth sensitivity. Acidic or carbonated drinks can wear away tooth enamel over time, so avoid them, or drink through a straw to minimize contact with your teeth.

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