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How can a dentist help with TMJ?

If you have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder or pain, sometimes called TMD, you have probably experienced some of the adverse effects it can have on your life. Patients with TMJ disorders often report having headaches or discomfort upon waking, making for a terrible start to the day. You may also have difficulty opening and closing your mouth, have pain when chewing, or other problems. Fortunately, your Arvada dentist can help you treat your TMJ pain!

Dr. Jesse Jenkins is experienced in treating TMJ problems for patients, and she has extensive training in multiple areas of TMD treatment.

woman holding jaw from painTMJ Treatment in Arvada

Before embarking on a treatment plan, Dr. Jenkins will carefully evaluate your situation and bite. The exam in our Arvada dental office will include both panoramic and digital x-rays, which will help our skilled dentist scrutinize the meeting of your teeth and the function of your jaw. 

Once her examination is complete, she will recommend a course of treatment for your TMJ disorder.

Common treatments we recommend include:

  • Occlusal equilibration (a therapy designed to create a better bite)
  • A splint
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Stress reduction through relaxation techniques and therapies

She may also recommend BOTOX® injections or trigger point therapy in some severe cases. 

At Five Parks Dental, we realize that every patient is an individual with their own personal needs, so we will customize your treatment to your situation. 

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