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What happens when you get a dental crown?

Your Arvada, CO dentist recommends a dental crown for various reasons, and they play a crucial role in dentistry.

Common Reasons for a Dental Crown

dental crowns in arvadaYou may need a dental crown for any of the following reasons:

  • Support of a weak or damaged tooth
  • Concealment of a discolored or flawed tooth
  • Fixing of a dental bridge to healthy teeth
  • Topping off a dental implant root

A dental crown is a cover that fits over your entire tooth. It is custom-designed to look like your natural teeth.

If you need a dental crown for reasons other than tooth replacement—bridge or implant technology—the steps are simple.

If your dentist determines that a dental crown is the right choice for you, you’ll visit our office at least twice. The first appointment includes tooth preparation, taking impressions, matching crown color, and fitting you with a temporary crown.

We place your custom crown at your next dental visit, making sure that the color and fit are as they should be. Your dentist may make a few final adjustments as well before cementing your crown in place.

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Your new crown allows you to smile with confidence and enjoy your meals again! Reach out to our dental office today to get started.

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