Children's Dentistry in Arvada, CO

At Five Parks Dental, we are pleased to provide a warm and comforting environment so children of all ages can get the dental care they need while feeling safe and secure. Dr. Jesse Jenkins and her caring dental team know that each child is unique, so we individualize their treatment to ensure that every experience they have with us is happy and positive.

If you are looking for an experienced children's dentist in Arvada, we can help you.

young boy brushing teeth in blue towel with hoodWe Offer Complimentary "Happy Visits"

Parents appreciate that we offer complimentary "happy visits" for children starting as young as six months old. There is only one purpose for these visits—to let your child gradually acclimate themselves to us and their new surroundings.

Your child's attitude dictates what happens during this stress-free appointment. We give them a ride in the chair, let them look in the little mirror, hold a toothbrush, and introduce them to "Mr. Thirsty." These are basic steps that take advantage of kids' natural curiosity and help them start to see dentistry as a fun adventure.

Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Oral Habits

We know that children with healthy teeth and gums experience fewer problems, which contributes to a happier childhood. So it's crucial that you and your dentist take steps early on to get them used to healthy oral habits and routine dental care. Taking the time now to instill these habits is an investment that results in healthier teeth, fewer emergency trips to the dentist, and lower dental costs in general.

Beginning in infancy, you can gently wipe your child's gums with gauze or a soft washcloth. This step removes bacteria, and the act itself can also be a nice bonding moment for parent and baby.

When the first baby tooth appears, you can start to establish a brushing routine. Use a small, child-sized toothbrush and a dab of toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice. When any two teeth touch, you can start flossing.

Don't worry if you're unsure what to do; our dentist and hygienist will be happy to demonstrate proper techniques to get the most out of your routine.

young girl in dental chair getting exam in ArvadaPreventive Dental Exams & Cleanings

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends kids first see the dentist when the first baby tooth appears but no later than age one. These early visits help your dentist and child develop a relationship so that when they are ready for treatment, they will feel safe and secure with us and their surroundings. Around age two, Dr. Jenkins will start performing routine dental exams and cleanings every six months.

Baby or primary teeth play the vital role of holding space in your child's jaw to guide permanent teeth into correct alignment as they emerge. Baby teeth also help your child learn how to chew solid foods and aid in their speech development.

During these routine check-ups, Dr. Jenkins can also let you know if she thinks your child would benefit from fluoride applications or dental sealants. Fluoride keeps teeth strong and healthy and prevents cavities from forming; sealants placed on teeth act as barriers to seal out cavity-causing decay.

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Dr. Jenkins and her friendly dental team would love to meet you and your child and guide them on a path to a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. If you have a toddler ready for their first visit or an older child who needs routine dentistry, we'll provide the age-appropriate care they need.

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